Krost wire mash lockers
We are specialists in conceptualizing, producing, and installing top-notch storage solutions ideal for businesses, regardless of their magnitude. Our collection includes Shelf Units, Rack Systems, Mezzanine Floors, and Storage Lockers, all purposefully developed to amplify space utility and simplify storage requisites.

Krost’s high quality Wire Mesh Lockers

Krost wire mesh lockers range from one door to six door lockers.  Our wire mesh lockers are a perfect solution for storing personal belongings, workwear, shoes, and bags. They are also suited for the storage of dangerous items or materials as it allows easy visibility to see glance if anything is missing.

Krost’s Wire Mesh Lockers are stronger than typical lockers, without being much heavier. This makes them the ideal choice to store small- to medium-sized equipment which is heavy or difficult to store in traditional lockers.

Outside size of the lockers is: 1.8m high x 0.45m deep x 0.32m wide. They are made of 50x50x3mm wire, which is large enough to view what is inside.


Applications Of Wire Mesh Lockers

Our portable durable lockers are available with casters or fork pockets and with a variety of sizes and configurations. Krost Wire Mesh portable storage carts can been used in pharmaceutical warehouses, retail stores, military installations, and hangers, and at construction sites, to name a few applications. Krost Shelving And Racking’s solid wire mesh will help you securely move valuable merchandise, tools, gear, and other assets without the need to replace the cart every other month.