Blue Krost shelving and racking bolt and nut shelves in warehouse.
Blue Krost shelving and racking bolt and nut shelves in warehouse placed in rows.

Bolted Shelving

Our standard bolted shelves are known for their exceptional durability, allow for highly flexible arrangement, and are quick and simple to install. Alternatively, our bolt and nut shelving units offer an ideal general-purpose, space-efficient, economical, and versatile storage solution with a wide range of accessories to extend and reconfigure its storage capacity on demand.

Open Braced Bolted Steel Shelving is the most basic and economical shelving design for general-purpose use. The back and sides are open except for the sections that are stabilised using cross braces.

How To Use Bolted Shelving

Bolted together shelving/steel shelves are closed with steel panels on three sides to provide stability and protection, and to promote cleanliness of the stored items. When units are joined side by side and back to back, a common side or back panel is used between the two units, thereby achieving a large cost saving.

The benefits of Bolted Steel Shelving include: