selective storage krost shelving
Dedicated to crafting, manufacturing, and installing superior storage systems ideal for businesses, irrespective of their scope. Our assortment encompasses Shelf Units, Racking Systems, Mezzanine Floors, and Storage Lockers, all thoughtfully designed to enhance space usage and simplify storage essentials.

Light, Medium or Heavy-Duty Storage Racking

Krost Shelving and Racking offers the perfect selective storage racking systems for storage of a wide variety of warehouse non-palletised goods.

Our racks creates an efficient and economical use of any warehouse space. They can be supplied with a variety of deck types, from open and closed slatted pine timber decking, to steel or any other type of decking material required by the end user.

Selective storage racking is ideal for low and high rise order picking and storage applications.

Advantages of Selective Non-Palletised Storage Racks

  • Economically

Compared to compact automatic systems, selective storage systems are more economical and have a lower initial cost. Being more conventional systems and with a simpler structure, generally their design and installation are cheaper, so if the warehouse has sufficient space, they are normally systems that facilitate warehouse profitability.

  • Combinable with other storage systems:

The versatility of selective racking solutions makes them perfectly divisible with other storage systems, generally pick-face racking systems .

It is very common to install pick-face shelving or carton flow rack systems at the lower levels of selective racking. This combination makes it possible to use those low-level spaces to store manual products in the warehouse, and all the available space at height is exploited for the selective system of pallets

  • Possibility of compaction

Compaction is also possible in selective systems, although not to the levels of systems such as drive in racking systems. To maintain total selectivity of the unit loads, compaction must be produced with the narrowing of the work aisles of the forklift.

These characteristics are used to design the very narrow aisle (VNA) systems, which are operated by special forklifts in order to move along these narrower aisles.