krost shelving and racking cantilever racking
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Designed specifically for high density storage of palletised items, Krost Drive in Racking is recommended where multiple unit loads per stock keeping unit (SKU) need to be stored, and where access to every individual load stored is not essential. Drive-in racking allows for the most effective use of space.

The high density of storage attained, and the relative ease of accessibility make this rack system ideal for cold storage, bulk storage production areas, or pre-marshalling areas. Where a “first in”, “first out” operation is required, drive thru storage systems require a two aisle configuration, whereas “drive-in rack” allows maximum cube utilisation with one aisle and “first in, last out” storage.

Advantages of compact systems such as Drive In Racking

Drive In racking system come under the category of compact storage systems, i.e., solutions which due to their characteristics manage to compact the space compared to conventional storage solutions.

The following are also considered compact systems: Mobile Pallet RackingLive Pallet Racking (FIFO) and Push-Back Racking (LIFO), the Pallet Shuttle system and Very Narrow Aisle pallet racking (VNA).

All these compact racking systems share the following advantages:

  • Optimisation of the available space:

    The main advantage of compact systems is they exploit the available surface area in the warehouse to the full. Depending on the storage system chosen, this optimisation will be higher or lower.

  • Control of product references:

    Compact systems are ideal for storing several unit loads of the same product reference.

  • Order in warehouse management:

    Unlike adjustable pallet racking systems that allow more arbitrary warehouse management, with compact racking the precise order of each reference is an obligation.

  • Ideal system for controlled temperature storage:

    In cold or freezing storage projects, compact storage systems are installed almost without exception, due to the optimisation of the available space and reduction in the total volume to be cooled that it allows. This enables significant savings in maintenance costs.