Krost Shelving & Racking - Catwalk/Pickface Racking2
Pioneers in the specialized creation, production, and execution of high-caliber storage systems tailored for businesses, regardless of their scale. Our array features Shelving Units, Racking Systems, Mezzanine Flooring, and Storage Lockers, all intricately designed to maximize space utility and simplify storage requirements.

Krost Catwalk / Pick Face Racking

These storage systems are composed of custom fabricated pallet and racking components which use less material parts than industrial shelving. Racking components provide the maximum span and capacity for catwalk storage.

Catwalks are multi-level storage systems which are designed to use the vertical space in a warehouse by using catwalk aisles with access stairways.

The staircases used in catwalk racking storage systems are manufactured in-house to SANS (South African National Standard).

Pick face racking/decking surfaces include steel or timber floor planks. The storage and retrieval processes are performed by employees and eliminates the use of forklifts.

Multi-level catwalk systems

Will maximize storage density in your warehouse. Catwalk systems have narrow pick aisles and reduced cross aisles, resulting in less wasted warehouse space.