Carton live racking - Krost racking & shelving3
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Krost Carton Live Racking is made up of inclined platforms which guarantee optimal entry and exit of goods that are fed in and then slide down by the force of gravity. Wheels control the speed of the moving products until they reach the picking face. The system reduces the amount of labour required for the replenishment of stock, allowing the labour force to get orders out more rapidly.

Carton Live is ideal for organisations with large picking volumes.

The advantages of Carton Live Racking include:

  • Space, time, and labour savings.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Adjustable shelving to meet product dimensions.
  • Reducing loading congestion.

Main applications for Carton Live Pallet Racking FIFO

Live Pallet Racking systems significantly optimise the space available in the warehouse, but live pallet racking FIFO in particular, due to its stock management method, is especially recommended in the following circumstances:

  • Storing goods with an expiry or best-before date, due to its excellent stock management. The first products to enter will be the first to leave the warehouse.
  • Warehouses for companies in the Food, Medicines, Cosmetics sector or sectors whose products become out-of-date.
  • Storage in moderate or transition zones between considerable areas within the same warehouse, to facilitate the fast operation of the unit loads.
  • Storage in order, waiting or dispatch areas in the warehouse; live pallet racking FIFO facilitates the flow of goods.
  • Possibility of installation in warehouses with cold rooms or freezing chambers.