Krost Shelving - Cantilever Racking1
We are specialists in conceptualizing, producing, and installing top-notch storage solutions ideal for businesses, regardless of their magnitude. Our collection includes Shelf Units, Rack Systems, Mezzanine Floors, and Storage Lockers, all purposefully developed to amplify space utility and simplify storage requisites.

Krost Cantilever Racking provides the most efficient and economical storage of tubing, bars, timber, textile rolls, furniture and other awkwardly-shaped items.

The Krost Cantilever Racking is particularly suitable for long, light, or heavy loads. It is possible to store even the longest of products with ease and there is no struggling between uprights or other obstacles.

Krost Cantilever Racking is a specialised type of warehouse shelf, and differs structurally from other types of shelving. The base, connected to the ground, offers stable support to the cantilever shelf. The stability of the base is therefore critical.

The Krost cantilever arm design offers easy assembly, and the system is completely adjustable, providing the advantage of being able to expand with your business.

Single and double entry bays are free standing, and a full range of upright and arm capacities ensure and economical system and offers the option of situating the levels at one or both sides.