Krost shelving storage bins
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Krost’s Industrial Storage Bins

A storage bin is the smallest available unit of space in a warehouse that can be used to place items, stock, and product.

Ways storage bins can help you organize your warehouse:

  • A storage bin can be used as a place holding container, which will help keep similar items in one area while keeping those items separate from other items, or preventing items from falling through your racking.


  • You can use a number and/or letter system with storage bins to create an effective way of organizing items, making them easier to find and put away. For example, you could label a silver wires bin as A-02-03, meaning that you can find the silver wires in Row A, Stack 2, and Level 3.


  • After you have come up with a system that works best for your warehouse, you can then label each bin to make sure that bins are returned to their designated spots, setting an expected sort and order to your warehouse organization. By using a system to organize the placement of each bin, a storage bin can be used as a navigational tool, helping you find an item’s location in your warehouse through the number and/or letter system.


  • Storage bins are useful when you want to pick a small amount of items or stock, as opposed to taking an entire box or pallet down, which might require more time and equipment.